Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Uygulamaları Koordinatörlüğü


ICT100 Dersi Modülleri

Module 1: The specific knowledge and ICT concepts used at Başkent University

  • Use of Baskent University Web Page, Use of Baskent University webmail, Use of Baskent University
  • Learning and Content Management System (Moodle), Use of Student Information System (BUOBS)

Module 2: Web Browsing and Communication

  • Internet, Use of browser, use of web, web outputs, electronic communication, use of e-mail, e-mail management

Module 3: Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Hardware, Software, Networks, Security

Module 4: Using the Computer and Managing Files

  • Operating System, File Management, Utilities, Print Management

Module 5: Word Processing

  • Using the Application, Document Creation, Formatting, Objects, Prepare Outputs
  • Searching Academic Journals, Academic Writing, Use of Digital Libraries

Module 6: Presentation

  • Using the Application, Text, Charts, Graphical Objects, Prepare Outputs

Module 7: Spreadsheets

  • Using the Application, Cells, Managing Worksheets, Formulas and Functions, Charts, Prepare Outputs

Module 8: Using Databases

  • Understanding Databases, Using the Application, Tables, Retrieving Information, Objects, Outputs