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Sample Questions

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There will be no lab exam but if student has a previous experience in using MS-Office programs in computer, she/he will be able to answer questions more easily. The written exam will include 50 multiple test items as shown below;

Sample Questions

Which of the following expressions is incorrect?

  • Data and instructions in the computer are kept and processed as numbers.
  • Computers use only two numbers: 0 and 1.
  • Computer data kept as 8 bit series are called byte.
  • 1 bit refers to one letter or character.
  • Data in computer is carried out on metal lines called as data lines.

Which of the following buttons is used for line spacing in MS-Word?

Which of the followings cannot be performed when adding a photo album in Powerpoint?

  • Determining number of photos in slides
  • Adding framework to photos
  • Making pictures black or white
  • Adding animation to photos
  • Change the order of photos

Which of the following formulas is used to get the sum between the cells A3 and A9 in MS-Excel?

  • =SUM(A3;A9)
  • =SUM(A3:A9)
  • =SUM(A2*A10)
  • =SUM(A3=A9)
  • =SUM(A3_A9)

Which of the below fields can be identified as primary key on the same table in MS-Access?

  • ID Number
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Department
  • Faculty